Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012

What is Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012 ?

“Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012” is a convenient, money-saving pass for your visit to 65 museums and facilities in Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Hyogo and Nara Prefectures. Make the most of the benefits of free/discount tickets contained in this pass! Data of participating institutions are also included, being classified by region.

Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012

[Premium Edition]
Valid for 6 months from the first admission
[Popular Edition]
Valid for 3 months from the first admission
[Collegiate & Vocational School Student Edition]
Valid for 3 months from the first admission

Note:Premium, Collegiate and Vocational School Student Editions are available in a limited quantity.

How to Use

Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012 Expiration date to be stamped

For your admission, please present the corresponding free or discount ticket contained in the pass.

Free admission ticket
Stamp will be affixed by the museum staff upon entry.
Discount ticket
Stamp will be affixed at the admission counter when ticket is purchased at the discount rate.
  • For the specified period of validity including the day of first admission, you may use the pass only once for each facility or exhibition.
  • Ticket pages will be void if detached from the pass.
  • Please print holder’s name on the cover sheet. The pass is not transferable.


  • Exhibition details, closing dates and other conditions are subject to change, so please confirm the latest information prior to your visit.
  • The pass cannot be refunded, or combined for use with other discount tickets.
  • Only the holder whose name appears on the cover sheet is authorized to use the pass. No tickets may be detached for transfer.
  • The applicable admission rates are: adult fees for Popular and Premium Editions; college student fees for Collegiate and Vocational School Student Edition.

Where to Purchase

Distribution Outlets for “Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012”

Outlets for all four Editions: Premium (¥1,800), Popular (¥1,000), Collegiate & Vocational School Student (¥900)

  • Each ticket sales window of the 65 participating institutions (20 in Osaka, 18 in Kyoto, 7 in Shiga, 9 in Hyogo, 11 in Nara)
  • JUNKUDO, ASAHIYA and other bookstores (major stores only)

Outlets only for Popular Edition (¥1,000)

  • Subway station kiosks of Osaka Municipal Transportation; major stations and other facilities of Kyoto Municipal Transportation and Kintetsu Corporation
  • JR WEST ticket offices (major stations only: also see the note below)
  • Ticket PIA reservation dial (0570-02-9999) * P-code: 765-080
  • Ticket PIA online (, accessible also from docomo/au/SoftBank mobile phones
  • Counters of Ticket PIA, JTB Corporation, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus, LAWSON and Seven-Eleven

Note: JR West ticket offices, Ticket PIA counters, and convenience stores listed above will give you a computer-issued ticket, which needs to be exchanged for the pass at any of the participating institutions.

“Museums Grutto Pass KANSAI 2012” Stamp Rally

All applicants will receive one free gift for each entry. You can choose your gift from three options: (A) mini-sized furoshiki wrapping cloth; (B) tote bag for carrying exhibition catalogs; and (C) one free ticket from any of the participating institutions. Please note that the gift item variations are subject to change according to the circumstances, and also that the free ticket details will be decided by the Executive Committee.





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